RG Unicorn Gundam – Content Preview

It’s alllll about RG Unicorn right now! So let’s see what we can expect.


  • 10 runners (beam saber runner included)
  • Manual
  • Sticker decals
  • 2017 campaign code

Content may varies depend on the country you are in.

Runner A1 – Contain all the Psycho Frame bits. This runner can be remolded in all sort of different colors. The runner is molded with ABS plastic to increase its strength. Being labeled A1 with no A2 included probably means that “A2” will be the same, but molded in orange?


Runner B – Real Grade’s signature “Advanced MS Joint“; molded in two different colors – nothing new for RG line. The pink color is different on A1 so you should be able to see a subtle different when put together.


Runner C – Molded in white with a tiny hint of yellow (warm tone). It contains parts for chest, head, beam saber and the V-fins. Three types were given (close, open, transformable). It can clearly be sectioned off and replaced with Banshee/Phenex V-fin

There is also a mysterious empty spot. Wonder what can goes there.


Runner D1 – Again, no D2 included. It is the same color as C runner. However, worth noting that the shield section can be separated – probably for Full Armor.


Runner E1 – Also no E2 included. This one is molded in a cooler White. There is a very subtle different between the two tones of white, but I’m sure it will be better shown when put together. E1’s shield section can also be separated for FA Unicorn. 


Runner F – Molded in the same color as E1. There is no sections on this runner. The entire runner can be remolded in different color.


Runner G – Molded somewhat a “metallic” grey (not that metallic, but definitely not usual grey for Gundam Frame). This runner is molded with ABS plastic to increase strength of the inner frame. Good for you Bandai! Oh, it has gloss finish.


Runner H – Multi-color we are all familiar with. Two tones of blue, fluorescent clear green and the same grey as runner G.


Runner I1 – Containing parts for weapons, shield and couple pieces for waist section. Again, this can clearly be separated to make Full Armor add-ons. No I2 is included.


SB 12 – Beam saber effect parts. You’ll have to grab extra parts from previous RG kits if you want to have all of Unicorn’s beam saber activated.


Typical RG manual which is fantastic! Love that face!

Sticker decals are included. Please do not dunk this in water. It is clearly labeled “stickers” on the sheet…



The box

This is a Premium Box art version which is limited to the first run only. Don’t worry, you get nothing special but the box. Everything inside is 100% the same.

Side of the premium box is labeled as 25-SP and a gold “Premium” badge on both sides.

It can’t be a bit confusing but RG Unicorn CAN transform. You do not need to buy two different box arts for each mode (it’s not HGUC after all).

The kit is part of Gunpla Evolution Project (originally named Accelerated Evolution) which is Bandai’s statement to significantly improve future Gunpla in all areas (i.e. color separation, articulation, proportion, etc.)



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