FM Gundam Bael

The last Full Mechanics kits from Bandai as of today (July 2017). According to Bandai, only four Full Mechanics kits will be released but we do not know if they will ever reverse their decision. I really wish we get FM Fusion Rebake Full City & Flauros.


Build & Details

Since FM Bael uses the same Gundam Frame found in other 1/100 & FM IBO kits, the overall build process is pretty much the same.

When Bandai rebranded 1/100 IBO to Full Mechanics, they advertised that kits in this line would feature a full inner frame – which was true for Barbatos Lupus & Lupus Rex, but not really with Vidar and Bael. Unlike FM Lupus/Lupus Rex, Bael doesn’t have feet “frame” so, if you want to show off all the frames without its armors, you will have to deal with the obvious boots somehow.


I am still annoyed by the little piston in front of Bael’s neck which always fall off whenever I try to rotate the head. This problem presents in all Gundam Frame from 1/100 IBO line. Gluing this in place helps.

Other than that, the build is fairly simple.

Details are great just like all other IBO kits; plenty painting & lining opportunities. Some grooves are to shallow to line so you might want to go over them with a hobby knife & scriber.

Color Separations

Following the same suit with others FM kits, FM Bael features a great color separate but intentionally left some out to separate the kit from being a “Master Grade”. There are several spots worth pointing out.

The emblem on left shoulder is done with plastic. Straight builders will appreciate this but those who want to remove this emblem as part of their custom work will have some extra work to do.


The V-fin comes in all white, but the tips were supposed to be blue; so, Bandai provided foil stickers for that. The bad news is you will have to wrap this around the piece which is guarantee to look terrible. I decided to hand paint this part with Vallejo color.

Blue parts on the calves are done withs stickers. This isn’t too bad because the surface is mostly flat so the stickers blend in fairly well.

The eyes, just like other 1/100 IBO Gundam Frame kits, is molded separately. That means no more foil stickers for the eyes.


The red symbols on shoulder armors are also done with plastic. Wish they did this with the very first 1/100 Gundam Barbatos.

I expected the yellow vents on Bael’s wings to be done with stickers, but those are actually done with plastic. Great job Bandai!

Swords comes in bright gold/yellow which I end up paint them with Tamiya TS-21 (Gold).



Bael’s articulation is on par with others Full Mechanic kits – quite good. There are still couple limitations like those short thighs that prevent this guy from having a cool ‘dashing’ pose.

Same as 1/100 Vidar, Bael’s wrists has an extra point of articulation. The wrist can no pivot, enables Bael to point its sword forward.

The wings have great articulation! I don’t think I’ll have them in anything too extreme but it’s great to know that they are holding well.


Gimmicks & Accessories

The swords can be stored in the hilts located on Bael’s back skirt. The hilts features decent articulation, but they can barely move forward which making “drawing sword” pose looks a bit unnatural.


Three sets of hands are provided – holding hands with fixed wrists, holding hands with pivotable wrists and open hands. The open hands are still bland…

Shoulders armors have to points of articulations. They can be move out of the way to increase arms’ articulation. Side of the shoulder armors can also move up as well.


There is no long range weapon included with this kit as Bael is meant to be a truly close combat Mobile Suit. Personally,

The first run of this kit includes a pearl white 1/100 “new” Action Base and two pieces of Gjallarhorn gloss stickers.


If you have build other Full Mechanic kits, you can expect this build to be 70% the same. The inner frames are mostly from previous iterations of this line. Armors, despite different design, are being put together is pretty much the same fashion.

Color scheme is fair but a bit too heavy on white. If you wish to retain this color scheme, adding some weathering will help breaking up all the white pieces. Posing this kit is fun. Being on a simpler side, there isn’t really anything to worry about.


This is a fantastic kit for such a low price point – even better if you manage to snatch the first run version. Whether you are an experienced builder or a beginner, you will surely enjoy building this kit…unless you have built nothing but 1/100 IBO for the fifth time…



  • Panel line
  • Weathered with Tamiya Weathering Master
  • Paint chipping effect (hand painted)
  • Recolor swords from ugly gold to Tamiya TS-21 gold
  • Hand painted blue bits on V-fin
  • Hand paint small details such as pistons and joints
  • Gloss coated

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