HGIBO IO Frame Shiden

I picked up this kit mainly because of its good review, barely rely on any stickers and I wanted something cheap to practice my weathering skills. This was a perfect choice.


Just like other HGIBO kits, Shiden has most of its inner frame. In fact, it feels like most of the build was just the inner frame with couple armor pieces slapped on later.

Articulation is not a problem, although I haven’t got a chance to take more photos of dynamic poses yet. More photos to come soon.

It has appropriate amount of details – not too busy and not too little. In stead of panel lines, it focuses a lot more on exposed inner frames. The color is okay in my opinion. If I had time, I would have repainted the purplish inner frame to a darker shade of grey. Red works though.


The kit comes with a Partizan (sword), rifle, gauntlet and a riot shield. Fair amount of accessory for a small kit. There is no decals included with this kit. The Takkadan symbols are from a third party decal sheet.

As for weathering, I dry brush the edges to give it that scratched look. Then, I apply some Tamiya Weather Master (pigments) to make it look dirty. The effect is emphasized on the riot shield and Partizan as those are supported to be the most contacted point.

For the two big scratches, I used a hobby knife to initial a line, follow with a scriber and exaggerated it with a metal file. I avoid using “hot” techniques because there is no beam weaponry in IBO, therefore a ‘melted’ look might not suit it.


This is a fun kit to work on. The major thing that made me turn away from IBO kits is the over reliance on stickers. I wish more IBO kits were like this. However, don’t let that get in your way. If you don’t mind applying stickers on your kits, then I guarantee you will enjoy IBO kits.


Minus 0.5 for not including expressive hands.

More photos to come soon.

  • Panel line
  • Weathered
  • Custom decal
  • Semi-gloss top coat

This is my opinion based on experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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