Thoughts: HiRM Wing Gundam Zero Custom

This is what MG Wing Zero Custom 2.0 could have looked like, instead, we’ve got a High Resolution Model instead of a Plamo.

High Resolution Model is Bandai’s newest line started with the Barbatos Gundam in early 2016. It is a mash up between a figure and plastic model. The inner frame is pre-assembled with some die-cast metal pieces to strengthen joints. The armors and other parts come on runners that needs to be snipped and snapped just like plastic model kits.

HiRM line has a great potential but due to its high price, many people perceive the line to be along “P-Bandai” release which turn them away from getting one unless, of course, they have a hefty fund. To compensate for its premium price tag, Bandai probably pour a lot of effort into designing the kit to look as best as possible and to make it contrast to the current MG WZC. When people see this and the old MG WZC, many will agree that the HiRM is a far superior design and will incline to spend on this one.

It’s the old insurance sales tactic where you are perfectly fine with what you have, but a salesman shows up and tell you all about all the problems that haven’t happened yet making you feel scared and nervous, therefore, incline to buy the insurance.

May be this is Bandai’s marketing trick before slapping us with an MG WZC 2.0 down the road? Maybe…

The kit looks awesome though. I really love the modernization of this design. It adapts a lot of “heavy panel lines” seen in recent Master Grade kits and exaggerated color separation. Sharp edges can be seen all over the WZC.

There is no doubt that it’s gonna be a great display piece. You have enough money to spend on this they don’t hold back. I envy those who get this and hope that one day I’ll be able to get one for myself.


HiRM Wing Zero Custom will be released on September 2017 with a price of 12,960 JPY or approximately 120 USD. The kit also comes with a shield, two Buster Rifles and two Beam Sabers.


The announcement of this kit brings couple questions;

Are we ever gonna get an MG Wing Zero Custom 2.0? 

Nobody but Bandai knows the answer. WZC design is a classic and it guarantees a great sales in all shapes and forms. However, since this was just announced, I doubt that we will get an MG WZC 2.0 in a near future.

What will happen to Master Grade line? 

It seems like Bandai is exploring various product lines (Figurise Bust, HiRM, RE/100, etc) and focus less on Master Grade in past couple years. We used to get as many as 10+ MG kits a year but is now reduced to just 2-3. Often, only one of them is a true all-new kit with the rest being somewhat of a recycle, i.e. Freedom 2.0 is a truly all-new kit while Providence Gundam recycles Freedom 2.0’s frame.

I don’t think Bandai will ever phase out Master Grade line, but I’m not good at reading their game either. I have been assuming that they were taking a break to focus on IBO lines, but now that the show is over, we are still not seeing an increase in MG announcement…


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