1/100 Barbatos Gundam

This is not a review. It is only my thoughts and experiences that I want to share with you. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.

I think this is the first time we get to see a No Grade (NG) line with a full inner frame, well, 90%, but that’s quite impressive for an NG. You are gonna hear me praise about the inner frame at least a hundred more times.

The followings are done to the build;

  • Lightly weathered with Tamiya Weathering Master set C
  • Panel lined with Tamiya Panel Line Accent
  • Repainted all yellow pieces with Tamiya TS-21 (Gold)
  • Painted inner frame with Tamiya Gunmetal & Light Gunmetal
  • Small details painting here and there (pistons, cables, sword grip, etc.)


1/100 Barbatos bring NG line to the next level! Despite a simple build, the inner frame has a lot of mechanical details. The iconic pistons on the stomach actually moves! In NG! Some MG kits don’t even have that gimmick!

Color separations are much better than its HG brother. While several details still rely on the use of stickers, most of them are done in such a way that can’t really be noticed. One thing I really appreciate is the eyes are molded in plastic. This level of color separations can barely be seen in MG, yet comes standard in 1/100 IBO (and Full Mechanics).

Proportion, to me, is a bit off but not terrible. The waist seems to be a tad too short and upper legs are tiny.


It seems like Bandai was still looking for a direction for 1/100 IBO kits. Whilst the 1/100 have great color separations and nicely detailed inner frame, the exterior looks like an up-scaled HG. It is still somewhat plain and doesn’t stand out.

The open hands aren’t very expressive. They look so lifeless.


Also, a Barbatos without the iconic Maze?! No way! At first, I was so sure that Bandai is gonna go a cruel way and release it as a P-Bandai, but it seems like they took the other way around and include it with the 1/100 Barbatos 6th Form (which I have yet to acquire). How rude!

For now, we only have the Smoothbore Gun and a Long Sword. Good enough. Both of them can be stored on the backpack.


The price, though, is what triggered me into buying this kit. Seeing all the promotional materials with that little price point, I was so curious to see how well made this kit is. Guess what, it’s probably one of the biggest bang-for-your-buck purchases out there. 1/100 Barbatos is so cheap, yet so good!

If you are thinking of getting into an MG kits but too nervous to try it out, 1/100 IBO kits are the perfect bridge for you to cross that fear.



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