PG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn

With my limited space, it is so damn hard to take a good photo of this huge PG kit. For now, let’s just work with what we have.


Whilst I have dealt with many PG kits, this is my first personal one.

  • The inner frame pieces are painted with Tamiya Gunmetal and Light Gunmetal.
  • Third party decals
  • Panel lined (although, they can barely be seen)
  • OOB armors/psycho frame
  • Gloss coated with Tamiya Clear
  • “Puke Gold” pieces are painted over with Tamiya TS-21 (Gold)
  • Daban LED

That’s right. The kit is Bandai, but the LED set is Daban. As much as I support Bandai, I think the LED kit is way overpriced. From my experience, Daban LED set works okay. It is bright and do everything Bandai’s do. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion.

The decals are also third party (DL – based in Hong Kong). I’m sour that Bandai still refuses to include waterslide decals along with Perfect Grade kits. It should be a standard! Despite that, I stumbled upon a very cool gold decals from these guys in HK and immediate placed an order. No regrets!


When PG Unicorn was first announced, I and many of us thought that it looks like an up-scaled MG Unicorn which, aesthetically, is accurate. Due to heavy amount of panel lines, there isn’t a lot of room to add more surface details before the design becomes too busy.

We all judged the book my its cover.

The inner frame of PG Unicorn is quite advanced. A lot of moving pieces and clearances for the LED set make this one of the most complex kits I have every built. However, don’t expect it to have a lot of armor sliding gimmick like PG Strike Gundam. A lot of that are sacrificed for the sake of transformation. It’s a PG that I do not recommend as your first – especially if you plan on wiring it with the LED set.


My biggest disappoint for this kit is the gold parts. Bandai gives a very nice, elegant gold for the collar pieces and V-fin, but thought it was a good idea to give us a “Puke Gold” on the leg armors and the Armed Armor XC (backpack). The Armed Armor XC! I mean, I understand that the leg armors are hidden away, but the Armed Armor XC is such a prominent feature. It is Banshee Norn’s iconic part. I hated it so much, I ended up painting it with Tamiya TS-21. Now it looks so much better.

Also, the Psycho Frames on Armed Armor XC are placed directly on blue plastic which make them look terrible (no LED there). So, I cut some left over those shiny foil stickers and place them under the Psycho Frame parts. At least they are brighten up a bit.


The transformation is solid and pleasurable. There are several areas you should be paying attention to as you transform;

  • The arms are tight.
  • The cheeks can easily come off during the head transformation.
  • Be mindful when handling the V-fin.
  • In Unchained Mode, the chest flaps can be stiff to open. Prying it open can cause white stress mark.
  • Legs armors that opens up in Unchained Mode are on small hinges that can easily break.
  • Armed Armor XC (backpack) transformation have some weird twist angles. Be gentle. Be patient.
  • A little lock on knees’ Psycho Frame are easily breakable during the transformation.

Not a terrible thing, but I find it annoying that I need to remove the center V-fin every time I want to fold/unfold the V-fin.

I’m not trying to scared you. This is a great kit and you should go ahead and get it for yourself if you really like the design. If you decided to go for it, get the LED set and build with it right away. The manual has a section that tells you how to take it apart to insert LED set later, but trust me, it’s a massive pain in the ass.

This kit is very expensive. I managed to snag it with a suspiciously low price from HK last year (2016). Although, it is a true impressive display piece that is hard to pass. If you are on the edge of getting one, allow me to push you forward because it worth every pennies you spend.  

Now, only to finding a deal for my PG Unicorn. How about PG Phenex? Hah! My girlfriend is gonna drawn be in a bathtub if she find out how much I paid for that thing.




I’ll upload more photos when I finally able to find a backdrop & setup large enough for a proper photo shoot.


This is not a review. It is only my thoughts and experiences that I want to share with you. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.

2 thoughts on “PG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn

  1. Hi!i wonder if you can share a scan of the manual for the waterslide in dl. I purchased the same gold decals but i struggle in applying them as i have not bought the daban expansion pack, which i believe has the manual for the waterslides application. Any response is appreciated 🙂


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