Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017 – Gunpla Summary

Shizuoka Hobby Show is usually the time that we get to see a lot of new kits that are in development. This year is no different. While many kits are already expected, there are several kits that surprised me.

Let’s go through what we are getting.

Standard Releases

MG ZZ Gundam Ver Ka. (Sep 2017 / ¥6,480)

We’ve already heard about this kit since the beginning of this year, however, this is the first time we get to see the actual prototype of the kit.

The design follows typical “Ver. Ka.” language – longer limps, smaller torso with somewhat plain details which will be made up by tons of decals.

ZZ Gundam isn’t always my favorite design. The old MG kit has a proportion and detail that looks too much like a toy which is keeping my from buying it. With the new look here, I might just give this guy a chance.

RG Unicorn Gundam (Aug 2017 / ¥4,000)

This would have been a huge surprise if Bandai didn’t tweet the announcement a week before the event. We have heard all the stories about how fragile RG Zeta is. Getting another 1/144 transformable suit makes people raise their browns in doubt.

However, the all new RG Unicorn has so much potential to succeed. The added details, subtle two-toned white and dedicated B-runner make us wonder just how much this guy will square up with its HG brother.

Some people said it will be “partforming” – I think the only piece we need to swap out is the V-fin. The rest will move. Also, 4,000 yen for this kit? A bit expensive don’t you think?

HiRM Wing Zero Custom (Sep 2017 / ¥12,960)

The reason why you haven’t seen any 1/100 WZC kit in past decade because he has been hanging out at the gym.

Look at those massive legs and arms! WZC just got buffed! Whoever in charge of the design really went all out with it. Adding more sharp edges and extreme white-grey separation. It was hard to get used to at first, but I have to admit that the design is growing on me.

If you are willing to fight for that price tag, you’ll probably end up with one of the best display piece.

RE/100 Hamma Hamma (Jul 2017 / ¥4,860)

The line has improved a lot since its first kit. I have nothing much to say about Hamma Hamma. I think it’s gonna be a great kit without any major flaw.

Although, get your 1/100 action base ready. With that much bulk on top and barely anything in the bottom, this guy will have trouble standing up.

HGUC Blue Destiny EXAM (Aug 2017 / ¥1,728)

This is a surprise. A welcome surprised.

The old HGUC Blue Destiny are fine but the blue is way too…uh…too blue! It’s so blue that you can tell what it is from a distant – just a chunk of blue matter.

The new kit, based on recently released GM Ground Type, seem to have lighter blue. Combined with the awesome articulations from GM Ground Type, this is gonna be one heck of an HG kit!


HGUC Efreet Schneid (Jul 2017 / ¥1,944)

Yeah yeah. Bandai made the RE/100 P-Bandai to take all you money first, then stab you right in the back with this regular release. It is no 1/100 scale, but it sure make somebody sour.

It seems to be a fine kit. Not much to say here.

HGUC Gundam Tristan (Jun 2017 / ¥1,620)

My biggest disappointment of this year (so far). When I first saw Tristan’s design, my exact thought was “Awesome! We are finally getting an NT-1 (Alex) Revive!!!”. Well, it’s the complete opposite. Bandai based this kit on an ancient, terrible HGUC NT-1. That kit was released in 2004 – that’s 13 years apart! With oh-so-fancy project name “Gunpla Evolution” Bandai just announced, don’t they think it’s a good idea to apply that “Evolution” to a new lead Gundam that will be feature on the anime?

Enough rant. Sorry. At least I can now save some money in my wallet.

Maybe MG NT-1 2.0?

HGIBO Astaroth Gundam Renascimento (Jul 2017 / ¥1,944)

Astaroth was great, but this new form is even better! Bandai took asymmetry to the extreme. I think people are gonna either love or hate this kit. I don’t even know what the heck is that blue thing on its right shoulder, but it’s just so damn cool.

The only complain I have against (some) HGIBO kits is they are over reliance on stickers. This one, though, seems to have very little.

I already put in an order from my local store.

HG Origin Zaku II (Sep 2017 / ¥1,944)

The closest we get to a “Revive” HG Zaku II. It is pretty much the same one as the Zaku II we all know and love with an except of a belt-fed machine gun. top-fed Bazooka and forearm armors (which actually looks really cool!).

All Origin Zaku kits are great and I assume that this one will be no different. To be honest, I’m getting tired of building them Zaku Origins.

HG (Origin?) RX-78 [N] North American Front (Oct 2017 / ¥2,160)

I honestly have no clue what the hell is this MS, but I know that it is based on HG Origin Gundam Local Type. The shoulder cannon and orange lines are awesome! Still a long way to wait though.

HGBF Ninpulse (Jul 2017 / ¥2,160)

A new addition from Build Fighter series. The kit is based on Impulse Gundam Revive which is already a great start. The image might be playing a trick with my eyes, but it seems like red plastic are glossy. We shall see if that’s the case.

It seems like there will be effect parts that are separated from the kit. Not sure if these are P-Bandai or not but they are listed for ¥600.

HGBF China’gguy (Jul 2017 / ¥2,376)

China (which I always accidentally pronounce the name like a country) finally gets her own Gunpla treatment. I’m not a huge fan of BF series, but I know she has quite a few, uh, admirer.

You know what’s great about this kit though? you can take off the bare head to reveal China’s actual head. Another thing is you can actually add/remove the clear lens part on her glasses. Whoa!

Be ready for a dozen more iterations.

HGBF Hyper Gyanko (Aug 2017 / ¥2,592)

Yup. Another girl from BF. I don’t really have comment about this.

HGBF Super Fumina (No Name Yet)

Why not anoter Fumina, right?

1/48 (Mega Size) Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode (Aug 2017 / ¥10,800)

You can’t have a 1/1 scale in Odaiba and not releasing a 1/48 model of it.

No, I don’t think it will transform. Will it have an LED? Probably not, but you are sure to have plenty of room to mod them in.

How tall, I hear you ask. The 1/1 scale for destroy mode is 21.7m – which should be about 45.2 cm (17.8 inches) tall. Pretty massive.



MG 00 XN Raiser (Jul 2017 / ¥8,000)

Bandai is still celebrating the 10th anniversary of 00 Gundam with the newest addition of MG 00 XN Raiser. I haven only enjoyed 00 Gundam by 00 anime so this variant is totally unique to me. I immediately fell in love with this design…until I see the price tag.

The kit is pretty much an 00 Raiser with extra parts to make the XN raiser. The kit includes a sheet of waterslide as to be expected from P-Bandai.

MG RX-78-2 3.0 “Casval Gundam” (Aug 2017 / ¥4,860)

For some reason, I was surprised by this release when I know I shouldn’t be. Among all the RX-78-2 variants, Casval and G3 are the top ones. I already love RX-78-2 design. Making it red makes me want even more.

MG Zaku II High Mobility Type – Masaya Nakagawa (Aug 2017 / ¥4,860)

I see nothing unique about this kit beside decals and colors. If you can paint, you have all the reasons to skip this. I’m sure there will be third party decals available soon.

Although, the interesting part is this is part of Bandai’s “Ace Pilot Log” releases which aims to focus on Zaku II’s that are pilot by the aces such as Shin Matsunaga, J-Ridden, Uma Lightning, etc. Didn’t we already have about 20 P-Bandai Zaku II?

mg-masaya-nakagawa's-high-mobility-type-zaku-II (1)

HGUC Hambrabi Suban (Aug 2017 / ¥1,944)

I briefly know Hambrabi, but I have absolutely no idea what is this thing.

HGUC Jegan D Type – Camouflage Ver. (Jul 2017 / ¥1,944)

Another P-Bandai Jegan. Bandai is really milking this design and this time with a camouflage (which is probably done by waterslide decals). The bazooka look kicks ass though.



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