MG Jesta

It was in late 2015 when I was browsing around my usual Gunpla store and my attention was grabbed by this – MG Jesta.

Around that time, I wasn’t so crazy about grunt suits. I thought they were cool, but I never felt a need to build them as much as the leads. That was about to be changed.


There is something about the dark , navy-blue color with a contrast of red/orange to it. Jesta looks mean no matter which angle you are looking at. It looks like a serious piece of machinery that is built to kill. This is a logical improvement of Jegan.

Speaking of which, when are we gonna get MG Jegan?

Don’t let the price plays trick on you. This kit is packed with quality! The full inner frame is gorgeous – pretty much the same level as RX-78-2 2.0. The hands is the same fully articulated as RX-78-2 3.0’s. Some people hate these hands so much, but I really like them.


One of the coolest aspect of this kit is the orange sensor on the beam rifle (which mimics a holo sight in the real world). This part is done with a piece of clear orange. Not a sticker! This is so small, yet so damn cool.

Another cool thing you don’t often see in a Master Grade of this price point (or even higher!) is the slot for Bandai’s LED! However, Bandai’s red LED are as hard to find as your friend when you need to get back your money they borrowed. They can also be quite expensive. Due to that reason, I opted for Chinese’s LED which cost nothing and super easy to find in my area. Sorry Bandai, but you should have included that in the box! 

Oh, and the yellow “V” on its croth and EFSF logo on the shield ar done with plastic. Sweet!


I decided to go very light on the decals as I didn’t want to overall look to be too busy – which I find it weird since I’m a sucker for Katoki’s decal style (which is quite heavy).

Despite very few annoyance, this is one of the best Master Grade kits you can find today. It has everything a modern MG has to offer with a cost that does make your family screams at you.

The kit is;

  • Panel lined
  • Applied with terrible job of matte coat
  • Small details are filled it with paint or Gundam Marker


This is not a review. It is only my thoughts and experiences that I want to share with you. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.

Also, these photos are taken a long time ago and I admit that I didn’t do a good job of it. I’ll retake and update later.


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