RE/100 GP04 Gerbera

I decided to give a RE/100 a try when Gerbera was released. I initially wanted to get the Mk-III, but I didn’t like the color scheme and have yet to come up with something that I like. When the GP04 was released, I thought this would be a perfect time to try this out.


Essentially, RE/100 is just an up-scaled HG. There is nothing unique about the build itself – most of which is pretty simple. The articulation is fair, but there are couple areas that lack details.

Posing the Gerbera is a breeze. Due to its simplicity, there is very little for you to worry. Most pieces fit well and nothing falls off while you play with it. This is one thing from HG or NG kits that I greatly appreciated.


The surface detail is bit on a cleaner side. There isn’t a whole lot of panel lines like you see in recent releases. This is the main reason that lead me to painting sections of the white armors with Haze Grey just to break apart all the white. If you build this without panel lining, it might appear a bit too empty.

The red pieces are molded in salmon-pink color. It’s not the same red you often see in the lead, but it’s not pink either. I don’t know anyone who “loves” it. I only know people who absolutely hate it or those, such as me, who don’t mind it (but not loving it either).


I don’t know what people say, but I really love the design of Long Range Rifle along with the built in Beam Jutte. It is one of the coolest weapons in UC timeline. Despite being a cool looking weapon, it is quite hard to get GP04 to hold it properly. Due to the extended length in the rear, the GP04 cannot hold it straight out. The best position for this is to tug the rifle under GP04’s armpit.


One part I’m not a big fan of is the giant thruster bell on the shoulders. It looks cool from some angle, but downright ugly when looking at it from the side. I’m also not sure what good do those giant thrusters do? They seem to be large enough to propel an entire battleship, but mounting them on an 18m Mobile Suit seem to be a bit excessive – until you see the Hummingbird.


All in all, it is a great build. The kit is solid and the price is hard to pass. You can see in this kit that Bandai is still trying to find the direction for this line – they are still unsure if more details should be added or not. With the latest RE/100 release (Bawoo), I think they have found the sweet spot.

When are we gonna get an RE/100 Kshatriya?!

  • Panel lined
  • Grey on white armors are painted with Tamiya Haze Grey
  • Color frames are painted with Tamiya Light Gunmetal
  • Weapons are painted with Tamiya Light Gunmetal
  • Small red details are hand painted
  • Vents on the fuel tanks are hand painted (foil stickers are provided)
  • Matte coated

This is not a review. It is only my thoughts, experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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