RG Gundam Astray Red Frame

These photos are old! I’ll update them when I get a chance.

RG Astray got one heck of a Promotional Video. If you haven’t seen it go to YouTube and search for “RG Astray PV”.


Number 19 in RG line and comes with an entirely new inner frame. People were losing their shit over the multi-color RG inner frame while it’s actually nothing new. Many RG inner frames before are molded in two colors, they are just very subtle.

Okay, I’m a party pooper.

RG Astray features the same aesthetics as other RG kits – two toned armor & inner frame. The amount of details Bandai packed into this 1/144 scale model is incredible. It puts the MG counter to shame in some area.


The Katana is chrome plated AND adding a tempered line detail on the blade itself! That’s just cool! I believe the MG doesn’t even have it. The gold on Fuchi (collar) and Kojiri (scabbard tip) is still is a puke gold. They could have added couple hundred yens to the price tag and give us plated gold.

The kit also come with a standard SEED shield and Astray’s beam rifle along with two beam saber hilts stored on its backpack. I personally don’t know anyone who display this guy with the shield & beam saber as, obviously, the iconic feature is the Katana. Oh well, having options is always great.


The articulation of this kit is very nice. I would say the PV exaggerated a bit, but it is still pretty damn good. You can give Astray any pose you want and I’m pretty sure it will hold up.


Let’s get into the flaws.

The mout piece. I’m not really a big fan of it. Seams like the two slids are way too far apart. I assume this is not a design choice but due to the limitation of the mold. Having two tiny slids too close to each other might increase the chance of getting defects. This is a common problem that also presence on other RG kits, but Astray seems to be very obvious.

Another thing that annoys me is a very loose hip connection. You can grab RG Astray by its torso, give it a light shake and that guarantees to send the bottom half to the floor. Adding some glue to the connection will stiffen this up and reduces the chance of RG Astray going all David Copperfield.


I have heard a lot of people bad mounting RG line, but I stand by it. It is a great line and Bandai have my full support on continuing it (well, they already are anyway). If you are thinking of getting your first RG kit, this Astray can be among one of your choices. It is stable, fairly easy to build and have very little fuzz.

  • Panel lined
  • Matte coated

This is not a review. It is only my thoughts, experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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