Thoughts: RG Unicorn

As we expected from 2017 Shizuoka Hobby Show, there are plenty of new kit announcements and new stuff to be shown. Among many of them, RG Unicorn takes one of the main stages.

So what do we know about this kit so far?

All new inner frame

The RG’s B-runner gets its 11th iteration. Since RX-78-2, the B-runner has been molded in two colors, however, they were very subtle and most people couldn’t tell apart without looking closely. I remembering people went nuts when they saw RG Astray’s red-and-white inner frame (thanks HLJ for the pic!) which, beside the all new design, is nothing new. Bandai just make the color stands out more. RG Unicorn also gets two distinct colors in B-runner, the psycho frame color and regular metallic/gunmetal grey.

The inner frame also incorporate transformation functions. While this is a great gimmick, a lot of people (including me) will be scared for its stability. For those who has built RG Zeta, you all know how fragile that kit can be. The Unicorn doesn’t feature an all out transformation like Zeta, but there is always a chance for this thing to be very flimsy. Just look at how unstable the MG is!….In Bandai’s defense, MG Unicorn is quite old.


Two-toned Unicorn

It is kinda hard to see the two-toned Unicorn from the display, Bandai’s rendering clearly shows us that there are two tones of white on the armors. Of course, the CG rendering is always exaggerated. We’ll have to wait for clearer images to see if the white is really two-toned.

Release Date

RG Unicorn is slated for August 2017. This means Bandai have moved from “2 RG’s a year” to “3 RG’s a year”. That’s a great news!


Any guess what might come after Unicorn?

Speculation: P-Bandai Possibilities

Unicorn is Bandai’s cash cow (something that provide steady income to the company). There are a lot of variants and add-on parts to be released. Let’s quickly list out what might we get as a P-Bandai.

  • Full Armor add-on (and waterslide decals? I hope not!)
  • Green psycho frame (Final Battle Ver.)
  • Banshee or Banshee Norn – one of them will be a standard, the other will be P-Bandai
  • Banshee green psycho frame
  • Phenex
  • Phenex Type RC
  • All the metallic/special finishes

I feel like I’m missing something. Help me out!


A lot of people are against a fully transformable 1/144 scale Unicorn kit, but I am all for it. I’m not a type of guy who often transform things back and forth after I’m done taking photos with it so I have barely anything to worry.

The added surface details are welcomed. The two-toned white, if any, would be a great. The decals? I think Bandai might not go as far as Ver Ka as the surface details are already busy enough.

I am definitely getting this guy as soon as it arrives at my local store. No doubt about that.

Will you? What’s your thought?

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