MG Unicorn Gundam (OVA)

The model kit aside, MSG Unicorn has the best soundtrack among all other MSG series.

MG Unicorn gets a lot of love and a lot of hate at the same time. Keep reading on and you will know why. If you are new to an MG and this is your first kit, I’ll help you by pointing out areas that you should pay close attention to.


For the kit originally released in 2007 (as a Ver Ka), Unicorn is pretty fantastic in its own way. Sure, there are a lot of quirks and pretty terrible stuff going on but you can’t deny the fact that the kit was designed well before 2007 and still remain one of the best looking designs in 2017.


Let’s get the bad things out of the way first.

The waist is very flimsy. To accommodate the extending gimmick, Bandai add a tap on Unicorn’s back to prevent it from flopping side to side. Well, that tap isn’t the most secured out there. A little glue to the connection will make it more secured.

Unicorn can’t really hold its beam rifle well. The hands have this little peg on it, but after taking mounting and dismounting the beam rifle several times, it is quickly warn out and can stay secured.


Armors on the side of the arms are loose. Unfortunately, this it the same piece where the shield is connected to. After adding the extra weight of the shield, the arm armor will always popping out. You can add glue to the pivot point to stiffen it up, but I doubt it will last.

Gold color on the V-fin is done with stickers. This is the part I can’t stand so I painted it with Gundam Marker (nowadays, I would have mask and property paint it).

Knee armor, in Destroy Mode, doesn’t want to stay connected to the Psycho Frame making the Psycho Frame constantly dropping down.


But wait! This kit is not terrible. There are a few good things about it. 

The look is absolutely fantastic in both modes, but if you don’t like Unicorn to begin with then you can go read about other kits instead.

The transformation isn’t all that bad. It is very easy to transform and barely anything falls off. Of course, adding a transformation gimmick to a kit will sacrifice some of its stability. Unicorn is no different, but it is still not a brick.


Building an MG Unicorn isn’t hard, but making it stable might require some basic modding knowledge (very basic ones). It’s not the greatest kit out there, but it is definitely not as bad as you might have heard.

  • Panel lined
  • Semi-gloss coated

This is not a review. It is only my thoughts, experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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