MG Aegis Gundam

We have got a lot of red mobile suits, but we barely have any pink one.

MG Aegis is a unique looking MS with a weird Mobile Armor mode, however, you won’t see any picture of the MA mode as I’m not really a big fan of it. Sorry!


Building MG Aegis is fun. The experience stands out from other kits as it involves all the transformation mechanisms that do not present in other kits. However, being part of SEED RM. line, it is still considered to be a simple modern MG.

Posing and moving it around can be a bit tricky as the limps are connected in such a odd place. For example, the shoulder joint pivots at the shoulder, but rotates in the middle section of the body. Yeah, try to wrap your brain around that when posing it.


Despite being a transformable suit, the kit is very sturdy! I mean, it seriously is quite sturdy! Part of it due to the ABS frame. I didn’t transform the kit so I had no clue how hard it would be, but given how sturdy it is, I don’t think it will be very frustrating.

The hand is the swap-able type. The kit comes with fists, open hands, trigger fingers and beam saber holding hands. You might have some difficulties trying to fit a trigger finger hand on to the beam rifle and, then, the hand but it stays on very well once you get it.


Design wise, I really love the main camera. The V-fins feels a bit too short for my liking. The blade Aegis’ forearms and toes are cool though. Combing them with included effects part turns this guy into a serious close combat MS. The shield is point which matches the overall spiky look of the MS.

Aegis is filled with details all over – a lot more than other SEED RM kits. There is a lot of details on the back of Aegis’ side skirt. It’s too bad that many are hidden away. The decals design is fair. The white lines along Aegis’ shoulder armor adds a flavor to the otherwise, plain pink kit.


My last suggestion on this kit is to display it on an action base. Aegis pose is very limited on the ground and you will be hard pressed trying to give Aegis a good looking ground pose.

  • Panel lined

This is not a review. It is only my thoughts, experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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