Gunpla Shopping in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong – a country filled with more Gunpla than I originally expected
I just got back from Hong Kong last week. The main purpose of that trip was to get out of my office, eat new food and just relax with my girlfriend. The next thing I knew was walking over 30k steps a day searching for cheap and/or exclusive Gunpla kits. 
Gotta thank my girlfriend for being cool with that too…and here is what I got.
A Perfect Grade Banshee Norn for HKD 1,050 (only USD 135!!) 

Below are some of the places I went to. My apologies for not taking any photos of them (as I was way too excited to pull out my camera).
Let’s start in Mong Kok area.

Richmond Shopping Arcade

This is a little four stories mall filled with nothing but toys – Gunpla, figures, models, etc. If you are a toy hunter, this is one of the best place you can shop. 
The selection for Gunpla, however, is a bit limited. Out of about 30-40 shops, there are less than 10 who carries Gunpla. Stop! Don’t pass it just yet because there are some gems for you to discover.
On the basement of this complex, at a corner, there is a shop that only sell exclusive Gunpla. I am talking about anything from Expo Exclusive all the way to P-Bandai kits. The price is quite good, especially for us who don’t get access to P-Bandai shop in our countries. 
There are several other shops that worth looking around. Nothing stand out for my experience but who knows, you might find a killer deal there.
Take an MTR to Mong Kok station, looks for Argyle street exit and walk about four blocks west.

Sai Yee Street

When you walk out of Richmond Shopping Arcade, turn left around the corner and walk towards north on Sai Yee Street. There are two shops on this street with wide selection of Gunpla and tools.
Forgive me for not noting down the store names.
Ying Ming Model, the first store you encounter is packed with a good amount of Gunpla and tools. You can certainly find some old MG kits that is a bit hard to find somewhere else. I almost picked up an MG G3 (1.5) but decided not to. 
The second store on that street, which I forgot the name, (keep walking north, you’ll see it – both on the left) is twice bigger with a lot more selections. The HG kits are incredibly cheap. MG and PG kits are cheaper than average but don’t get excited yet. You might find a better deal somewhere else.

Sino Centre

This place has several toys and game store to choose from as well. Much like Richmond, good amount of the shops are action figure-focused. Only a handful carries Gunpla kits, however, there are some interesting choices for you to take a look. 
Price is average. Fairly cheap compared to some other countries, but nothing to be excited for in Hong Kong. 
There was a store with PG Unicorn for HKD 1,050. I really wanted to get that one as well but I might have trouble carrying it back home (and Custom will probably try to charge tax on it).
Located on Nathan Road and sit right between Mong Kok station and Yau Ma Tei station. You can get off at any station above and walk there.

In’s Point

Similar to Sino Centre, but slightly bigger. This place groups all the toys & games related stores together. Again, a lot of these stores are action figures-focused, but there are definitely good amount of Gunpla for you to look around.
This is where I got my HKD 1,050 Banshee. I was a bit skeptical at the price so I asked the shop owner if I could check parts & runners before I pay. Despite a slight hiccups in communication, he allowed me to.


In’s Point is located right above Yau Ma Tei station – on the corner of Nathan Rd. and Waterloo Rd.

Fook Le Model

This place is another great place that I wish I could have gone to, but I ran out of time (and energy to walk). The shop is just a short 5 minutes walk from Sham Shui Po station. 
However, based on my prior research, this is a gold mind for Gunpla and toys. This shop has a lot of selection with price that will explode your wallet with a strength of an A-bomb.
If you don’t believe me, check out their Instagram account. I mean, PG Unicorn for HKD 999 (USD 128!?).


Kwong Wa Street

A small stretch behind Kwong Wa Hospital. The theme around this area seems to be R/C cars or airsoft guns, but you can certainly find some shops with Gunpla. I found two. They are okay, nothing to be excited for but worth a look.

Tai Yuen Street

Tai Yuen Street’s nick name is Toy Street. However, I think that’s a bit of an over statement.
At first, it looks like a small street filled with street vendors selling mostly clothing items. However, pay attention to the stores behind all those stalls. There are about 4-6 toy shops that I saw, about 2-3 of them carry Gunpla with a fairly reasonable price. It wouldn’t call them cheap, but definitely competitive. There may be more stores, I just didn’t get to see them all.
The closest MTR is Wan Chai station. The area is also filled with many other shops and restaurants to explore.

The lesson I learn from this shopping session is always shop around before pulling the trigger. The first shop sells PG Banshee for HKD 1,450 (USD 186), but I was greedy and wanted a better deal. Hell, I got it!
Don’t make a call too soon. Look around. Haggle on price if you can’t find a great deal. Also, don’t go too early. Most shops probably don’t open until close to noon. I think the best time to go is around noon to 6pm. 
Share with me any place I missed.
Happy Gunpla hunting!



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