MG Aile Strike Gundam (RM)

The first iteration of MG Aile Strike was released in 2003 shortly after MSG SEED concluded. This “Remastered” version was released in 2013 – 10 years different. I’m wondering how much things have changed.


Being one of the most well known Mobile Suit designs coupled with a very successful/memorable anime, I was not surprised that this kit got a 2.0 (labeled “Remastered”) treatment. Unfortunately, I will not be able to compared the 1.0 and the RM. version here as I do not own a 1.0.

Aile Strike Remastered’s runners are all new. The only thing that is being reused from the old MG is the catapult base (which, if this kit were to released today, the base would have been a P-Bandai add-on).


Difficulty wise, comparing to many other MG kits released around its time, I would consider this kit to be more on the easy side. Whilst using new connections/joints, the building process is pretty much a “two pieces plastics sandwich each other with poli-caps in the middle”. The torso is slightly more complex, but not as much as something you see in Freedom 2.0 or RX-78-2 Origin. The legs, however, have some knee sliding mechanism which looks pretty pleasing in the end result.


Aesthetically, MG Aile Strike RM. still features a more simplistic approach compared to today’s standard. The outer armors are considered to be somewhat plain. A lot of details can be found in the inner frame which could be a great thing for those who mods. For straight builders, they will just be covered and remain unseen for the rest of its shelf life. Underside of the armors also have details, but those will not be seen unless you mod in some “open hatch” stuffs.


Posing is very easy and solid – that’s one thing that SEED RM. line should take pride of. Since the overall construction is simple, there are barely any pieces falling off when handling it. Arms and legs can fully bend without anything hindering its range of motion. Side skirts, however, are quite easy to pop off but they are also very easy to attach. Also, the V-fin on my build are a bit loose. A touch of glue fixed that.

MG Aile Strike RM. comes with a shield, a beam rifle, two beam sabers and the Aile pack. It also comes with extra batteries for the Aile Pack. Pretty standard. I don’t know when will Bandai decide to make a 1/100 Skygrasper and an updated Sword & Launcher pack – Dragon Momoko already went ahead with those and they look pretty fantastic! If you want Bandai’s however, only the old Sword & Launcher pack are available and they look pretty dated. Bandai’s 1/100 Skygrasper does not exist.


I’m pretty impress with this kit. Whether you are new to MG line, want something easy to build or just like the design, I’m sure this kit will be able to satisfy you in one way or another. The catapult base is such a nice extra too!

  • Panel lined
  • Matte coated

This is my opinion based on experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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