MG Providence Gundam

I kind of wanted to get myself the MG Freedom 2.0 since it was released, but never got to. I never planned to buy Providence Gundam right when it comes out until I found out that the “Premium Edition” includes several extra stuffs. Bandai’s marketing was very effective. This is what you get with the “Premium Edition”;

  • ZAFT logo base (metallic red base with clear black arm)
  • Water slide decals for the followings (all on a single A4 sheet);
    • MG Aile Strike RM.
    • MG Duel Gundam
    • MG Buster Gundam
    • MG Blitz Gundam
    • MG Aegis
    • MG Freedom Gundam 2.0

That’s right. Despite being a “Premium” edition, Providence doesn’t get its own waterslide decals in its “Premium” box. So much for being “Premium”.


Providence Gundam never got its own MG treatment. The closest we have from Bandai is an old 1/100 NG kit. Providence Gundam is then forgotten until a third party company called Devil Arts released a prototype of their MG equivalent of Providence Gundam in mid-late 2016. Soon after, Bandai announce the arrival of its MG Providence Gundam.

MG Providence Gundam is based on Freedom 2.0’s inner frame, which makes sense as both (along with Justice) are developed by ZAFT right around the same time. A lot of good and things are carried over to this kit. You will know what to expect if you have built Freedom 2.0 before. Since many runners (mostly inner frame parts) are re-hatched, you will end up with a hand full of unused pieces.


When Freedom 2.0 was announced, people noticed that the 90’s panel line trend is making its way back (anyone remember the old Wing kit which was riddled with panel lines?). Providence Gundam is no different. There are a lot of lines to fill in but, for some reason, they don’t look too busy like in the 90’s. A lot of armor pieces have holds and cavities to show off the underlying inner frame. 

Everything seems to be great until you find out that the energy cable on its chest is made out of rubber – a soft, floppy rubber. This is bad in several ways;

  1. Cleaning nubs become very tricky.
  2. Dust will cling on to it.
  3. Painting this part is impossible.

If you are a straight builder, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I would leave these cables out until you finish top-coating everything.


If you have been building for a little while, you must have heard the issue surrounding MG Freedom 2.0’s easy-to-break leg. For those who don’t know, let me reiterate this.

Freedom 2.0’s hip-to-leg joint has a mechanism to swing the joint out of its hip to provide a greater ranger of motion. This is almost a good idea until we found out that there is no lock to keep that mechanism in place. When you pose the MS, the mechanism can accidentally swing out just by giving the kit a light tap. When the mechanism is out, the pane of leg joint’s rotate change from parallel to the hip to about 30-40 degrees. Failing to realize that the mechanism is engaged and try to rotate the leg as parallel to its hip put a lot of stress on the leg joint (which is an already weak semi-hollow plastic) causing it to snap.

To avoid this;

  1. Every time you want to rotate the leg, make sure the the mechanism is rested in place.
  2. Use a finger tip to hold the mechanism in place as you pose the leg.
  3. Don’t further stiffen the leg joint. Avoid top coating and painting the pegs (both male & female).


The Judicium Cannon (the large cannon) is very cool looking, but this brings another major(?) flaw to the kit. Providence Gundam can barely hold and rest this weapon on its shoulder. Due to this reason, Bandai need to design a specific holding hand that is bent at an extreme angle. Sure, Providence Gundam is now able to hold Judicium Cannon, but it is far from looking natural and stable.

Problem aside, the details on this kit is fantastic! Spend some time on lining the kit and you will end up with a pro-like OOB build with minimal effort. Color separation is well executed. I have heard people complaining about the yellow being a bit off, but personally, I don’t really mind.


I’m digging the Composite Arm Shield though. It is quite a unique weapon which is made greater with a kick ass beam effect (included).

The Dragoon Pods are look great with fantastic color separation. If you love painting small details, this would be your playground. The kit includes about four (4) clear effect parts to have them shooting out, but if you want a cooler effect parts then you will have to spend extra cash on the P-Bandai effect parts (and waterslide decals).


This is one of the longer posts, but there are a lot of good and bad things to be said. It is a good kit but certain aspects of it annoys me, but don’t let that hold you back from getting one. It is a very cool looking with plenty of moments to enjoy as you build.

8.5/10 Recommended!

  • Panel lined
  • Gloss coated

This is my opinion based on experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


3 thoughts on “MG Providence Gundam

  1. Hi I really like your review so I ordered one, a bit late but yea XD anyways did you put color on your armors like u know to make it a little more grayish? just wondering I’m still new to this so yea XD


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