RG RX-178 “Gundam Mk-II” (Titan)

Along with the AEUG version, RG Gundam Mk-II is the best Real Grade kit in my opinion. There are many reasons for me to say so.


I am trying to start off with its cons first, but I’m hard pressed to come up with one. Having built this kit dozens of times, I should be able to know all of its bad things, but, seriously, there is barely any.

Okay, the “Advanced MS Joint” (which from now on will be call inner frame parts) can be a bit fragile – which is a common problem among all RG kits. The frame parts will be stiff right out of the box. It is recommended to cut them out and loosen them up prior to assembly.


One small problem that many people ran into is the mesh piping on the back of Mk-II’s knees. Bandai gives you a long mesh rods along with a wire and instructs you to cut them in a certain length and insert it into a slot, then place a piece of plastic on top to secure it. Here is the problem, the mesh rod and the slot is so precisely engineered, there is barely any clearance for mistake. People end up poking the mesh rod on the plastic instead of inserting it making the rod frayed. Don’t worry though, Bandai gave you extra cause they knew this would happen.


Other than that, RG Mk-II is a near perfect Real Grade kit. Color separation is close to, if not, being perfect. The clear green parts for chest sensors look very nice. I really love how this particular tone of yellow look with Navy Blue.

RG Mk-II comes two beam sabers, a removable head vulcan, a retractable shield, a beam rifle and a bazooka. Optional parts to turn this into a Test Type (slight variant on the leg vents, shoulders and chest vents) are also included.


Unlike many other Real Grade kits, Mk-II is very easy to pose. Only 1/10 time that some piece falls off – far from being an issue. However, Mk-II still suck at kneeling pose but that’s not really my main point of concern. It legs can still bend well for aerial poses.

If you haven’t try building any RG kit yet, this is the kit you should start out with. If you have but haven’t built the Mk-II yet, this is a must. It stands true to Real Grade’s main/original concept. Bandai has to work harder to find a good replacement for RG Mk-II.

  • Panel lined

This is my opinion based on experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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