MG Gundam X

Warning: I am gonna start off this post with all the praise towards Bandai marketing/product development department. If you want to get into the actual kit itself, scroll down until you see a heading.


The first and last 1/100 Gundam X we got was in 1996 and released as a “HG” badge on it. It took Bandai almost 20 years go come around with a proper(?) MG treatment of this suit. This should come at no surprise. Gundam X series was among one of the least popular series and was cut short on TV. Unless you don’t know, anime is the engine of Gunpla sales. Without a solid anime to boost the sales, Bandai abandoned Gundam X and other MS’s from the series.

You could say Gundam X was a surprise, or it could be one of the most strategically released products from Bandai. See, Gundam X is an old that which doesn’t get a lot of exposure to new fans. Bandai knows that they want to make an MG X, but they cannot do so without making sure that they will reach a certain number of sales. Here is how they did it


Gundam X Maoh appeared in the Build Fighter series and was being used by on of the main characters. Whilst the “X Maoh” was suppose to be a custom, there are barely any changes and it still has 90% of the original aesthetics.

After releasing HGBF Gundam X Maoh in late 2013, people start to curious about its origin, then begin to look for the model kit of Gundam X itself. At that time, there were only the recent HG kit (which is quite nice) or a very old 1/100 HG.

Couple months later, MG X was released.

Let’s talk about the kit.


MG Gundam X is considered to be on a simpler side. There is really no trick to the build. If you have build kits from SEED series, this guy follow are very similar process.

The design is being simplified. From the panel line heavy of 1990’s (which start to come back!) to a more simplistic style from 2000’s. It is also skinnier. By looking at the overall construction and design language, you can tell when is this kit was actually developed.

MG X uses the same hands with interchangeable fingers like SEED RM. line. This is not a bad thing. Sure, you can’t really do all kind of expressive hand gestures, but this type of hand is the most sturdy one.

I have no complaint against the articulations. Everything moves fine. Posing is a pure joy.


Despite being simple, color separation is well done. There is no need for foil stickers beside the eyes and camera.

Caution: The grey vulcan pieces on the chest are tiny and can be a bit tricky to assemble. Be careful and hold on to it tight because if that thing flies off your hand…..good luck.

For the backpack, Bandai give you a sheet of pre-cut, with a lack of better terms, rainbow foil paper. All you have to do is lay that paper down on the “wing” part and seal it in with a textured clear piece on top. It is an ingenious solution!


One of X’s main feature is the clear purple pieces around its body (which, in the anime, lights up just before shooting the cannon). However, these pieces does not look as good if display against black background. Also, the gaping hole inside is clearly visible. I was considering painting the side of these pieces with silver but eventually dropped the idea for some reason. I might get back to that later on.

The chest also feature a very nice detail under the clear green piece. To make it more visible, I painted that area silver.


The accessories are unique. Beam saber and the effect parts are awesome! Can’t take my eyes off of that fluorescent green piece. The rifle can double as a shield hence the name Shield Buster Rifle – not sure how I feel about this. The Satellite Cannon is awesome! You can also attached a mini gatling gun on the backpack which looks cool but the position does not make the most logical sense.

All of X’s accessories can be plug into the backpack. I also love an MS that can carry everything it has.


I can’t find a complaint against this kit. It is cheap, it is good and it feature everything we expect from Gundam X. Everything is solid and stays in place. Manipulating the Satellite Cannon around isn’t a task. There is no problem assembling the kit.


I would recommended this kit especially to those who are new to Master Grade line. It is simple but has everything MG has to offer.

At the time of X’s announcement, I expect Bandai to follow up with an MG X Divider at some point – most likely will be a P-Bandai release. However, it has been 3 years and still no news.

  • Panel line

This is my opinion based on experiences and personal preferences. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion.


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