MG Char’s Zaku II 2.0


Hard to believe that MG Char’s Zaku II 2.0 was released 10 years ago. After all this time, this can can still be considered as one of the best Master Grade ever. Here are the reasons.

All the awesome bits about MG Zaku 2.0 in general.


This kit and all of its variations are extremely fun to build. Plenty of mechanisms and details for you go get excited about (unless you have built it for a good dozen of times).

The only thing I absolutely hate about this build is the energy cables. Here are two reasons why;

  1. They are extremely hard to remove from the “runner” Bandai wanted to make it easy for us buy designing them in a way that we can simply slide them into a spring, except, it is extremely hard to do so. You fingers will turn red by the end of each energy cable.
  2. Cleaning nubs on each bits is tedious.


Inner frame details is among the best we have for Gunpla. If you are one of those who like to show off inner frame parts, this baby would be you playground. The angles have piston action back and front which, sadly, are covered by the armors.

However, the armors are leaning heavily on the simple side. Like MG RX-78-2 2.0, Bandai wanted this kit to look more “anime-accurate” rather than futuristic.

I wish, one day, Bandai will release a Zaku II 3.0 with the RG aesthetic.

Color Separation

Pretty basic. Most of the armors are made up of Salmon Pink with mid-section being deep pink & black. The inner frame has only one color – grey.

The backpack is done with bright red which I find that a bit funny.


MG Zaku II 2.0 features the same great articulation you can find in most MG kits nowadays.

The fingers have a pivot point on a middle joint of each finger, and ball joint on each knuckle. The bottom three fingers are molded together but you can easily separate them to make them look more expressive.

Energy cables on the legs are done with spring inside which does not get in the way whatsoever.

The mono eye rotates as you rotate the head.


  • 1 Zaku machine gun
  • 1 bazooka (280 mm – small)
  • Heat Hawk

You get two types of commander antenna. You also get an extra head armor (without antenna) to make this a standard type – it’s not Bandai intention (as it’s X-ed out on the manual), but you can easily swap them. However, you’ll still end up with three thrusters on the legs.


This kit is pretty damn good, but there are still couple tiny things that could have been better;

The peg on the hands that used for holding weapon is a bit shallow. Fortunately, you don’t have much problem with this as the weapons are small enough. However, other variants with huge bazooka aren’t so lucky.

The skirts armors are also loose, however it’s not a really big deal as you can simply glue them together.


Minus 0.5 for loose skirt armors.

Minus 0.5 for the “finger breaker” energy cable bits.






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